About Us

It all started when We learned the average person wears just 15-20% of the clothes in our closets. 

Gloria was created with the idea in mind to help clients get more out of the clothes they own by giving them access to their wardrobe digitally. We had originally built Gloria so that personal stylists could style their client’s digital wardrobe by using our proprietary Look-Book-Builder tool simply from their mobile phone.

Then it hit us- Why couldn’t we simplify all of the elements needed for managing your business along with our Look-Book-Builder and a few other amazing features, and conveniently roll them into one App and all from your mobile device?

Gloria is the mobile platform stylists need to bring their business online.  Gloria has all of the organizational tools needed- integrated calendar, task management, intelligent business analytics,  invoice generator, commercial-quality photo editing software, rich messaging-  so stylists can stay on track, all while staying connected with their clients anytime, anywhere.  At Gloria, we understand the importance of one-on-one relationships.  We take care of the business so stylists can focus on what really matters, their clients.

About Our Name

Who's Gloria?


Gloria Rhodes was a NYC-based flight attendant in the 1950s, when air travel was novel and sophisticated. She flew on transatlantic flights and, as the stories go, met interesting and cosmopolitan people (like JFK!) who expanded her horizons far beyond her Colorado childhood. Because of her lifestyle during those years and for decades after living and traveling abroad with her Pan Am pilot husband, John Rhodes, she developed an appreciation for fashion, quality pieces that last and a skill for packing clothes for trips that lives on to today. For example, Gloria always chooses two color themes, black and one other. That way she packs far less and can intermix anything. "Throw in something fun and patterned, though." She's always had a fabulous closet, full of beautiful, quality pieces from glamorous designers around the world. Gloria is our inspiration and the woman behind the name.