The mobile platform that gives your store associates tools to interact with in-store customers 1:1 — both online and offline


Visually display customers' past purchases. provide value and expertise. Make tailored shopping recommendations.


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Virtual closets

When a customer makes a purchase in your brick and mortar store, add it to their virtual closet. Going forward your associates can easily recommend items that go with what customers' already have.


Photo sharing

Associates can share detailed, edited images of new inventory to help customers choose pieces. Let customers share selfies and other photos to get their stylists' opinion.


Push notifications

Pull clients back into the app with a push notification, triggered any time your associates send a client a message.



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Mobile Messaging

Rich mobile messaging that pairs your store associates 1:1 with customers in a conversation is as close to in-person as you can get.  Be available to help with styling whenever they need it.


in-conversation payments

Customers can make purchases over mobile messaging, directly in the app. Associates can suggest a piece and customers can choose to purchase, all in one singular flow. 


Pro Styling tools

Our industry-leading technology platform lets your associates easily create professional-quality look books that delight customers. and drive sales.

A brand new set of state-of-the-art tools that empower your associates to become stylists.


Wardrobe catalog

Every time your customer makes a purchase at your store, easily add it to their virtual closet in the Gloria App. Better over time, the virtual closet acts as a record of purchases for your store and gives customers a brand new way to see their clothes on a mobile device. 


Look-Builder Platform

An extension of the virtual closet, your store associates can use our Look-Builder Platform to style looks for clients using both their existing wardrobe and new, suggested pieces, showing them how their purchase will work with their previous investments. A brand new way to sell clothes. 

And Just a few of the many new tasks your store associates can do for your customers with Gloria:


Personal shopping

Hand select pieces just for them and even let them make a secure purchase directly in the app they can pick up in store or have shipped.

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Personal styling

Create the perfect look for an event or day-to-day using a combo of existing clothes in their wardrobe and new pieces.


Travel Prep

Help them plan and shop for upcoming travel. Create a packing list to make your customers' better prepared and lives' easier.


New item alerts

Let them be first to know when new pieces arrive in store, and even show them how they could work with their existing wardrobe.

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