Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gloria?

Gloria is a clothing technology company that’s reinventing personal styling by helping people get more out of the clothes they already own. By giving you the power of your entire wardrobe on your mobile device, along with the expertise of a personal Stylist you know and trust in the offline world, Gloria plays a large part in you dressing, feeling and ultimately being your best all the time. Unlike the way you’ve owned and worn clothes in the past, Gloria’s technology lets you see your whole wardrobe, make smarter shopping decisions and get more out of what you already have. And all the while, always have access to a personal Stylist who’s just a message away.

Where does the name Gloria come from?

Gloria is the paternal grandmother of our founder. More here.

Which platforms does Gloria work for?

Currently Gloria is available for iPhone/iOS only. Not to worry Android users - look for support for other platforms coming soon.

How does Gloria work?

1. Become a Member. 
Start by selecting Get Started on our website and answer a few short questions.

2. A Gloria rep will contact you to schedule your Wardrobe Shoot.
Someone from our fantastic team will contact you shortly to confirm a day, time and location.

3. Your Wardrobe Shoot is 4 hours long.
Two trained Gloria Stylists come to your home with a photo studio and not only photograph your clothes, but also teach you how to wear them.

4. Then you get your Digital Wardrobe.
The Gloria App comes next, pre populated with gorgeous photos of your clothes. It also includes a styling platform, which lets you style looks from the clothes you already own. At this point your Stylist has also styled 4 looks for you, which will automatically appear in your Digital Wardrobe. These looks are designed for your life and based on what she learned about you during your shoot.

5. Next your Stylist identifies your Glue pieces.
Glue pieces are those missing yet foundational pieces that act as glue and put everything else to more use. These items can be purchased directly through Gloria - just let your Stylist know if you’re interested. 

6. Let us know what you think. 
We’re learning from Members every day. Have feedback about any part of the Gloria experience? We’re all ears at hello@gogloria.com.

Why are Wardrobe Shoots 4 hours?

After photographing many wardrobes we’ve determined 4 hours is the right number for both Stylists and Members. The average wardrobe can be photographed in this time period without taking breaks. Our Stylists are trained in making sure, even for larger wardrobes, that items from all categories are photographed in your session, giving you the most out of your Digital Wardrobe.

What do Gloria Stylists photograph?

We photograph items that hang in your closet, jeans, shoes, handbags, select jewelry and accessories like belts, glasses, hats and scarves.

How much space do my Gloria Stylists need for my Wardrobe Shoot?

We need roughly a 6 ft by 6 ft space to set up our professional photo studio. Our set up consists of a backdrop, studio lighting and a clothing rack. It’s a good idea to have a few spaces in mind but your Stylists will help select the best space.

Do I need to be present for my Wardrobe Shoot?

You don’t need to be present but we strongly recommend it. One of the biggest benefits of your shoot is education: as part of our service your Gloria Stylists will teach you how to wear and style each item they photograph. Turn on some music, pour yourself a glass of wine, invite a friend and enjoy!

How quickly can I expect to get my Digital Wardrobe?

Your Digital Wardrobe is the gallery of photos Gloria Stylists have taken of your clothes, accessible in the Gloria app. The already professional-quality photos are edited and background-removed to make your existing clothes look exciting and new. You can expect to get access within 24 hours of your Wardrobe Shoot.

What role do my Stylists play?

We send two Stylists to your home - one Stylist and one Assistant Stylist. In addition to teaching you how to wear and style the clothes you already own during your Wardrobe Shoot, your Stylist will style 4 looks for you from your existing wardrobe. These looks will be designed for your lifestyle and based on what your Stylist learned about you during your shoot. They’ll automatically appear in your Gloria app.

Additionally, your Stylists identifies your Glue pieces - those missing yet foundational pieces that act as glue and put everything else in your wardrobe to more use. The quality t-shirt that works with everything from jeans to skirts and is great for layering, for example. Or the blazer that immediately makes sense of a closet full of shirts and camisoles. These items can be purchased through Gloria - just let your Stylist know if you’re interested.

How do you match me with the best Stylist for me?

We use the information you provide to us when you sign up for a Wardrobe Shoot to best pair you with a Stylist.

What if I want help styling looks after my wardrobe shoot is over?

Tell her a bit about the event, occasion or need and for a fee your Stylist will style two looks that will automatically appear in your Digital Wardrobe. Some members use this service regularly. Contact us at hello@gogloria.com for more details.

What if I want to try a different Stylist for ongoing personal styling?

Simply email hello@gogloria.com and request a Stylist change. While most Members are happy with their Stylist, we’re happy to accommodate and will do everything we can to ensure an excellent matching.

Can I style my own looks in the Gloria App?

The Gloria Outfit Builder is a unique tool that comes in the Gloria App. You can use it to pair things you never thought to pair and build looks from your existing wardrobe.

What if I buy new clothes and want to add them to my Digital Wardrobe myself?

The Gloria app includes industry-leading image editing that makes it easy to take photos of new clothes, edit them to appear consistent with your other photos and add them to your Digital Wardrobe. Your Stylist will give you a quick tutorial at the end of your Wardrobe Shoot.

I downloaded the Gloria App but can’t log in. What do I do?

Only Gloria Members can access the Gloria App. Your Stylist will send you your username and password, which will allow you to log in.

How much does a Gloria Membership cost?

Your membership costs $495, or roughly what many people spend on a few trips to Nordstrom. It includes your Wardrobe Shoot and Digital Wardrobe with 4 professionally-styled looks plus unlimited use of the Gloria App.

How do people feel after using Gloria for awhile?

Gloria Members report dressing, feeling and ultimately being their best more often. We’re confident you’ll love it, too. It's the ultimate investment in yourself, one that pays you back every day. We can’t wait to create your Digital Wardrobe and get you on a path to a better dressed you.